Monday, January 07, 2008


I've been waiting all day for this moment. I couldn't concentrate at work. My lunch break was spent dreaming about all the wonderful things that could be inside a paper bag. During the subway ride home, I only had one thing on my mind: What's Inside the Super Surprise?

Finally, the moment of truth had come. My hands shook as I opened the bag to reveal:
- Jelly Beans
- Vampire Teeth
- A Tiny Back Scratcher
- Three Suckers - Spider-Man, Shrek and Dubble Bubble
- A Whale RingJelly beans and vampire teeth in January? A back scratcher for my shoulder blades? I was expecting crap, but this takes crap to a whole new level. Even if I was eight, I would be pissed. The Super Surprise bag has a nut warning, so where are the nuts?

I give Super Surprise 1.5 Hortons based only on the anticipation. If there been some sort of chocolate, taffy and one of those sticky hands, the results would have been a lot different.


SMB said...

A WHALE RING!!!! I'll take that shit!

the wife said...

i tell you what, smb, the whale ring is cute, but too small. where is the better business bureau? shouldn't they be required to label the super surprise to indicate that the items inside will be sized for children?

Zhu said...

Oh, I feel for you... myself, I bought some Winnie The Pooh kinder surprise at Shoppers lately. Five Kinders (you know, the chocolate egg). I got Tiger, Donkey etc. and not a single Winnie.

I was pissed off as I'm sure you understand. 2008

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