Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BEERNADA - Steam Whistle Responds!

The kind people at Steam Whistle Brewery sent Zach an email earlier today (we hope to put it up, with their permission, in the near future), inviting him to meet one of the owners and try Steam Whistle for a second time. We're still trying to get a response from Dr. Aromyces, (last we knew he was heading to Bar Volo), but we will let you know if he accepts or declines (which we highly discourage if he wants to get paid).

Will he or won't he? While you wait for the answer, we encourage everyone to try Steam Whistle for themselves. (Johnada loves free t-shirts, and we're willing to take it all back for a green one.)

Johnada, despite our beer review, has no problem giving the Steam Whistle Brewery 5 Hortons as an organization, especially for their astute PR department. (We wear medium, unless they shrink, then better make it a large.)


Chad said...

I have to say that's pretty cool of them considering your review. Bravo Steam Whistle!

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