Sunday, November 04, 2007


This is an exciting week in Johnada, and not just because I'm going to see Battles on Saturday night (possibly all by myself, unless someone wants a free ticket - the Wife's not such a big fan). We've got three new big features starting. As you may have noticed on the right, we now have a new song about Canada posted each week. This week it's Duluth's Low and their video for the song "Canada." Monday begins our weekly series on Canadian Heroes. Later this week, we'll have our first "Does Canadian Beer Suck?" review by a special guest columnist. Look out for other upcoming features to be announced, including a feature where we'll talk to real live Canadians.

P.S. I bet many of you didn't realize how dangerous Canada is. But as the street sign above seems to suggest, there continues to be problems with jet airplanes bombing school buses. Poor kids.


Mason Kessinger said...

awesome banner image. it makes me proud and tells me you're gonna do okay out there in the cold north.

can i throw in a request for some sort of clarification on canadian bacon? i need some help.

Johnada said...

Stay tuned . . . we'll be covering this topic very soon!

Anonymous said...

and curling? when will you do a feature on canadian curling?

et curling? quand ferais-tu une feature sur le curling canadien?

Karen said...

If you do a thingy on curling, then your song of the week will have to be Tournament of Hearts, Weakerthans. 2008

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