Friday, November 02, 2007


Due to the wife's ongoing battle with a sore throat, we ventured out into the world of Canadian drugstores. Other than mom and pop operations, the only real choice is Shoppers Drug Mart. It appears to be your standard drug store operation. While the wife looked for medicine, I skimmed the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records and discovered that the record for getting struck by lightening is still that one park ranger dude. I really think it's time for someone in the exciting world of human lightening rods to show some initiative. I mean all you have to do is go stand on a hill with some metal during a thunderstorm (and not die, I suppose).

After going to Shoppers Drug Mart, I must say it's exactly like Walgreens, with one giant exception. The exception being that our Shoppers Drug Mart has Tim Horton's inside. How awesome is that! I love the thought of someone getting a prescription filled for Lipitor and saying, "Oh and can I get a creme-filled cruller to go with that?"

Shopper's Drug Mart in general gets 3 Hortons. Our location gets 5 for obvious reasons. Guinness Book of World Records, still going strong, gets 6, which is a new World Record!


Karen said...

Have you not discovered the Rexall family of drug stores? Pharma Plus gets several Hortons from me (if I'm allowed to do that). Shopper's Drug Mart is over priced, but some people do love their Optimum Points.

On that note, you should write a thingy about Canadian Tire. Its a true Canadian store (although possibly owned by an American??), where you can buy more than just tires! And, I love Canadian Tire money. Its fab!

Johnada said...

We will definitely do a post on Canadian Tire! 2008

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