Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As far as I can tell, there are no major differences between Halloween in Canada and the U.S., except people probably give out different candy. It's all about the Aeros here. They're pretty gross, but I'm going to have to put off reviewing candy for awhile after the Twizzlers post.

This is definitely the first Halloween I ever got a Captain and Coke for Trick or Treating, thanks to the generosity of my neighbour Ron, and my sweet Rick Steves wig. The Robo was the wife's treat as she's been sick for a couple of days now. We only got one actual Trick or Treater. I'm guessing it's because we live on the wrong side of a busy street. They were definitely out there.

Halloween in Canada gets 4 Hortons because of the C & C and also Canadian Kit Kats taste better. Also, it's not Canada's fault that Trick or Treaters can't cross busy streets.


mgpowell2000 said...

are you going to provide a description of the "Horton Ranking System"? what's the scale here?

And have you visited the space needle yet? it's a wonder of modern industry.

Mason Kessinger said...

I too am interested in some sort of description about this Horton Ranking System. I mean, lets get technical here.

Count me in as an interested subscriber of your blog. How I miss your wit and sweet alcohol breath.

Johnada said...

I thought the first blog post would explain the Hortons ranking system, but now I see that's not working. To translate to something Americans would understand, one Horton is equal to driving a Hummer painted like an American flag while cranking Journey and eating one of those cubed apple pies from McDonald's.

Johnada said...

Oh and the Space Needle is in Seattle. The CN Tower (which is the bigger giant phallus) is in Toronto. But unfortunately, it's no longer the largest man-made structure in the world due to some building in Dubai or somewhere like that.

Steff said...

aero bars are totally great. they were available in the u.s. for a while when i was in 6th grade and i hoarded them.

they are not enough to make canada worthwhile, though, no sirree.

i'm going to read your blog ALL THE TIME now, by the way.

ali said...

The daycare loves the blog.... Ryn is calling everything a horton :)They also want a sample of the candy sent down... to verify the accuracy of the Horton Ranking System.

The Adults are intested in future winery reviews and something about hockey and curling.

Mason Kessinger said...

i'm starting to see it...

what does chewing on a hockey puck get you? 2008

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