Monday, December 17, 2007

BEERNADA - Steam Whistle in Pictures

These pictures where in our Steam Whistle tour post, but somehow they disappeared (a conspiracy perhaps). Here they are again, with commentary:

Amazingly, Beernada was not the only person at Steam Whistle wearing a wig on Saturday. Believe it or not, the other guy didn't look this good.
Johnada made Beernada drink his Steam Whistle first. You know, just in case.
Shortly after putting on this vest, Beernada took a group of unsuspecting tourists on a tour of the facilities. When asked afterwards, those who had taken tour couldn't remember anything about the beer, but they did wonder why the tour guide wouldn't shut up about some Charles Bramford fellow.
We suspect it won't be long before the people at Steam Whistle put up a statue of Beernada just like this outside their facility.
After this photo was taken, Beernada climbed up the water tower and tested the water's pH balance. He was promptly arrested and that's the last we heard from him.


Zhu said...

Are you trying to go undercover here? :D

BEERNADA said...

this was as clandestine as the KGB in Greenland in 1939.

btw, Steam Whistle has been elevated to 3.333333 Molsons, on account of it tasting better at the source and because i envy the owners. 2008

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