Wednesday, December 05, 2007


  1. Johnada has found Canadian employment! We can't give the details, because the operation is a little top secret. (Also, we "forgot" to mention the blog during our interview.) But we will give some clues: First, it's a very Canadian operation. Second, the front door to the building is located about 2.5 meters/8 feet away from a Tim Hortons. That narrows it down.
  2. The Scarbarough Hospital, which was where the Wife went when she was feeling a little soar in the throat, has the highest death rate in the Toronto area and third highest in all of Canada. Well, the soup was good.
  3. Finally, the Loonie is taking a dive at the exact moment Johnada has to start paying his graduate school loans in U.S. Dollars. Coincidence or further proof that The Bank of Canada doesn't like this blog? And as advice to all the kids out there, Johnada strongly encourages you not to mortgage your future for a degree in nonprofit management, despite how glamorous it seems when you see the Executive Director of the local community centre on MTV's Cribs.


beaverboosh said...

I must firstly apologise for having missed this, and wishing you a big congrats on the new job. Welcome to the working world you lucky bugger! And if you have a desk job, you will find lots of time to write more blogs!
I have to admit, in my day, we did not employ Americans in meaningful jobs in Canada but maybe that has changed... in my father's day, Americans were horse whipped at the border!
Good luck eh!
Beaverboosh 2008

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