Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CANADIAN HEROES - The Rock Paper Scissor Dudes

To kick off the 2008 Canadian Heroes, I thought we'd start with a reader selection. So big thanks to MiMi. (Words in red changed due the fact that I'm a total moron. See comment from real live actual Canadian Hero for my original bastardization of their name)

Growing up somewhere in Canada, Douglas and Graham Walker had a nice childhood. They enjoyed fishing at the local watering hole, racing the bus to school and eating macaroni and cheese. (As always this is based on pure speculation). However, a dream burned within them to move from being regular joes to something bigger - the world's foremost experts on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

To do this, they started the World Rock Paper Scissors Society. Then in 2002, they held the first World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. The tournament has grown in stature each year with 2007 version hosted by our old friends at the Steam Whistle Brewery. But they didn't stop with just a society and a tournament, a couple of years ago they wrote the definitive book about RPS. And - in addition to all this - there's also a movie coming out about them and their tournament. Here's the trailer:

Because the Walkers are responsible for preventing countless acts of violence around the world . . . Because they have brought joy to thousands of nerds . . .Because they had a great idea and went with it . . . Because this kind of crap can only happen in Canada . . . they are 2008's first Canadian Heroes.

More info about RPS:

  1. The WorldRPS website (which seems about as factual as Johnada).
  2. There's a Rock, Paper, Scissors themed winery. (I've been there, it's good.)
  3. Not surprisingly, there are a bunch of bands called Rock/Paper/Scissors. (Also not surprising - they suck.)
  4. It's also the name of an ad agency. (That's about as original as naming your blog by combining your name with the country you live in.)

I leave you with one final question: how exactly does a paper defeat a rock? And I need a more detailed explanation then "it covers it up."


Zhu said...

I still think paper should beat the rock. I'm gonna start Ottawa rule rock paper scissor soon just to back up this new rule.

Aiglee said...

What's wrong with combining your name with the country you live in? :p I used my name for my blog in spanish and needed something else for the english one ^^ But I don't care, I know I'm not original ;)

I didn't know there was so much interest in this game anywhere in the world xD

Graham Walker said...

Nice that you chose Doug and myself to be your first Canadian heroes for 2008. A true honour indeed, although if I was going to be nitpicky, I would mention that our names are Douglas and Graham Walker, not Wheeler, nor the Grahams.

Since you were speculating about our upbringing, we grew up in Ottawa and Toronto although I call Prague home now and Doug lives in Calgary. We were never much into fishing but certainly enjoyed hanging out at our local watering hole our cottage on the Rideau which is where the RPS concept was born one drunken fall evening when neither of us wanted to go out and get more firewood.

The documentary is actually really good in my biased view. It won the Audience choice award at the Calgary film festival and has an upcoming showing in mid- February at the Victoria Film Festival.

PS You were bang on about liking Mac and Cheese as I always stick a few (too many) boxes of KD in my suitcase when I return back to Prague after a visit.

Take care and Throw Well!

Graham Walker

MiMi said...

Great choice for the first Canadian heroes of 2008 thread.

The movie trailer is a riot, and I think captures well the Walkers' postmodern embrace of RPS.

And how cool are you that one of them actually commented on your blog. You ARE getting famous Mr. Johnada.

btw i used to go my mimi, but I like your MiMi version better -- it sort seems like a new game system, or something else very 21st century. It's almost as good as the couple in China who named their baby @

Scott said...

I also enjoy the trailer. Any chance this movie's going to get wide distribution? And who's that menacing guy who starts showing up at the end?

Gary said...

Perhaps I can be of assistance. The paper doesn't cover up the rock. It ENVELOPS it, thereby (presumably) rendering the rock blind and immobile. Unless it's an igneous rock. Then all bets are off.

Yours in sedimentary and metamorphic domination,


Johnada said...

Zhu - I look forward to the official Ottawa RPS rule book.

Aiglee - I only meant in English. In Spanish, it's great because it sounds much better.

Mr. Walker - I am humbled by your comments. Sorry about the typos. Really looking forward to seeing the film.

mimi (MiMi) - Again sorry that I didn't get your name right.

Scott - I'd recommend going to the World RPS website for mor info on the film. I don't like the looks of that guy either . . .

Gary - That explanation is a little thin (pun completely intended), but I'll accept any explanation from one of the founding members of Sonic Scarecrow!

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