Thursday, January 24, 2008


This weekend Johnada is relocating to Burlington, Vermont. As you all no doubt know, Vermont is the home state of America's 26th greatest President, Chester A. Arthur. It is also a great place to get maple syrup, though there's not shortage of that in Canada. In fact Vermont and Canada have so many similarities that some people think it should be Canada's 11th Province. I'll let you know what I think about that when I return, though I'm going to have to eat some Tim Horton's, drink $11 six backs of beer and listen to see if people pronounce process with a long "O" in Vermont before I join the campaign.

If you're feeling lonely, go see Zhu's Spider, Gary's Pink Dolphin (that sounds bad, doesn't it?), JT's 2007 Jams (a little late?), Aiglee's new apartment, Theresa's child-rearing "issues", and Mr. McQueen's Head.

Also, I haven't yet heard from Mr. Tim Nugent (see below), so I'm hoping he contacts me soon. I see that my Manteno, MN movement is a little slow out of the gate, but I'm nothing if not patient. (Actually, I'm not patient at all.)


Zhu said...

Don't tell me you're getting your maple syrup from the US! They can take your permanent residence away from you for that, ya know?

But I won't say a thing since you linked to my spider ;-)

Have a good time in Americana!

Gary said...

I got yer Pink Dolphin RIGHT HERE!

Anonymous said...

cool spider - i need to see that in person, i think, for some scope. 2008

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