Monday, January 28, 2008


Johnada spent last weekend in Vermont. Before my trip, I discovered that some people wanted Vermont to secede from the U.S. and join Canada as a province. To get to the bottom of this, we got two of Canada's finest writers to give their perspective.

Vermont is Canada
by Johnada

7) They love Hockey.
6) They also love ice fishing.
5) The U.S. border patrol agent going into Vermont was super friendly; this is not the case with any other U.S. BPA's I've come across.
4) They don't have Target.
3) Molson is very popular.
2) There's plenty of French signage.
1) On Sunday afternoon in our hotel room, I watched Curling on the CBC.

Vermont is not Canada
by Johnada
7) They think of Toronto as a cold city.
6) $3.50 for good beer. In a bar!
5) Good Mexican food.
4) Vermont is incredibly proud of beating the British in a war that Canadians are proud of avoiding.
3) Too many hippies (though I suppose Vancouver has got its fair share).
2) The people from Quebec seemed happy to be in Vermont. They would not act like this if Vermont was part of Canada.
1) No Tim Hortons. I know because I looked -Conclusion: Vermont is not Canada.

Totally unrelatedly, here's a picture of a female Hooded Merganser I took -


SMB said...

Really, it's not Canada? That's totally bogus.

Gus and I got our new Passports so you know what that means........?!

Theresa said...

Couldn't it just be both? Or maybe for 6 months be part of the U.S. and the other 6 months be part of Canada? That seems reasonable enough, doesn't it? ;)

Zhu said...

NO Tim Hortons? Have you looked everywhere? Really? You should have taken a picture of the town with no Timmies! :D

I love the way Americans think TO is cold. Have you guys heard of Winnipeg??

Aiglee said...

hahaha, no, def. Vermont is not part of Canada xD

Gary said...

Johnada- Here's my response to your comment in my blog....... "Yep Johnada, you're absolutely right. The '85 Bears would have terrorized them both. And I can see your reasoning by picking the G-Man. Still, care to make it interesting? How about this- if the Pats win you have to guest write an entry in my blog? Because, let's face it, I Love not writing almost as much as I Love writing. And if the Giants win I won't screw your blog up by writing anytthing in it either. You game?"

Gary said...

Johnada said...
"I admit to be slightly confused, but I'm game if you have to write an entry in my blog if the Giants win. If that's the case, than it's on"

Well, I didn't want to be presumptious and you write your blog better than I do but, yeah, okay- you're on. If the Pats win you guest write something in my blog. If the Giants win I'll write in yours.

Johnada said...

SMB - I don't know what that means exactly, but I sure am excited to find out.

Theresa - It could be both, but then would it be part of Quebec which wants to be its own country? Then maybe it could be QC three months, Canada three months, U.S. three months and the other three months it can vacation in Florida.

Zhu - Well, I promise all I saw in the town was Dunkin Donuts as far as the horizon.

Aiglee - Though you would be surprised by how many people still want it to be . ..

Anonymous said...

i particularly like that your merganser is mid-quack in this photo.

Anonymous said...

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