Saturday, January 05, 2008


After hearing that I have not put enough pictures of myself on the blog (mostly from my family), I am putting two up today. Enjoy these, you won't get another shot of me until 2009.

It was quite an excellent trip to the states. Here are some of the highlights:

- Johnada ate at five Mexican restaurants -- all superior to any Mexican food he’s had in Toronto.

- Johnada spent Chistmas Eve at a super crazy insane Whole Foods in St. Louis, and New Year’s Eve at a super crazy insane Whole Foods in Chicago. He now knows that he doesn’t really enjoy super crazy insane Whole Foods. The customers tend to be a little on the moody side. (However, the workers were all delightful.)

- Johnada started a 10-minute band with a Bourbonnais John. We were called Moses Pudding. We rocked.

- Somewhat relatedly, Johnada got schooled at Guitar Hero by his 11-year-old nephew.

- Johnada went shopping a lot. He bought some new running shoes. They have gold on the bottom and make him run super fast.

- Johnada got kicked out of a Mexican bar in Chicago because he didn’t have a picture ID. (He is still waiting for his official Ontario license with a picture to come in the mail.) When Johnada handed the bartender his temporary paper license, she claimed he was offering her a check. Chicago has lots of bars; Johnada does not need to bribe bartenders.

- Johnada lifted several of his nieces and nephews above his head and spun them around like he just didn’t care. This has led to lower back pain that will not go away. Johnada is old.

- Johnada saw Detroit for the first time. Umm, hooray for Detroit?

- Upon re-entering Canada, Johnada and the wife got zero hassle from the Canadian Border Patrol. In stark contrast to the U.S. Border Patrol, they didn't even check our passports. And with apologies to the wife, I've got to say the Canadian BPA was pretty hot. She could search my cat food any day.

- Johnada also had an excellent time on New Year’s Eve. There was dancing, food and old friends. I took lots of pictures, but most people probably don't want their pictures on this blog.
You can't tell because of the wig, but this is really Jean Claude Van Damme. He really likes Cut/Copy, and now so do I.

The elusive Shancho didn't make her famous Shanchos, but did make her killer Shancho cheese dip. Some say the secret ingredient is love, but I think it might be something else:
The Hangover Special:
At New Year's Day breakfast, I ordered the Hangover Special, which was Chilaquiles with eggs. Apparently, I was the only person who ordered the special, because the owner and several waitresses repeatedly asked me about it. It was alright, but not excellent. As you can see, it was very white. I give it 2.75 Hortons.


SMB said...

How many hortons does the cheese dip get?

The Wife said...

I think next time I'll be doing the talking at the border...

Zhu said...

Borders male officers are sometimes hot too. I noticed it anyway... and I volunteered to teach at CBSA (Border services ministry) this session ;)

Is speaking at the 3rd person a new year resolution or just some kind of American trend? :D

beaverboosh said...

Effin hells bells mate, your a Skando! Godt nytt år! Håper du hadde en god ferie!
Din nye Norske venn,
P.S. Van Damme has really let himself go!
P.P.S. Princess Shancho is hot! I don't think I would say no to her famous Shancho's!

Johnada said...

SMB - Generally you get 1 Horton for every 8 oz. of Velveeta, although after 24 oz., diminishing returns start to set in. In other words, 4.3 Hortons of processed cheesy deliciousness. However, you'll have to ask B(G)O if you want to know about the day after.

Zhu - Johnada has always switched between third person and first person on the blog. He's not really sure why, but I like it.

Beaverboosh - I'm as Skando as any bald German/Irish man can be. And though I don't know what you're saying, I can only assume it complimentary.

mimi said...

I love that wig. Maybe you'll start a trend. First old man hats on girls, and boys with pants showing peeks of blond wigs on everyone.

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