Friday, February 01, 2008

CANADIAN HEROES - Groundhog Wiarton Willie

In honour of Groundhog's Day, this week's Canadian Hero is none other than Wiarton Willie, Canada's answer to Punxsutawney Phil. Why does Canada have to have it's own groundhog. Who knows? I've noticed Canada sometimes like to do things like they do in America with a slight twist. The slight twist here is that Willie is an albino groundhog. I think this is a little lame, but I'm not going to blame little Willie. He just eats some leaves and everybody gets all excited about him seeing his shadow. Or not. I honestly don't remember which is better. But with global warming this whole Spring coming soon isn't so important to the kids anymore.

Apparently Wiarton Willie is not the only rodent prognosticator in Canada. There's also Shubenacadie Sam, Brandon Bob, Gary the Groundhog and Balzac Billy. But I like Willie the best. The albino thing is good, plus they even built a statue for him. If you ask me the statue is a little phallic, but at least his name isn't Balzac.

You're probably wondering where in the hell Wiarton is; it's northwest of Toronto on Lake Huron. So if any of you have extra time to today, you should head up there. They have some sort of festival just like in Punxsutawney, except for it's Canadian, so no Bill Murray.

UPDATE: Shadow Map. Willie says it's Spring soon.


beaverboosh said...

As groundhog day is not known outside of the USA and Canada, I will revert to bespoke measures to determine the arrival of spring.
On Feb 4, I will reveal my willie in the centre of Oslo.
If I see a shadow, I will chase it around the city square swinging my willie.
If I do not see a shadow, I will revert to my hovel and chase mrs bb around the house swinging my willie.
In either case, I will patiently await spring.

Zhu said...

I had never heard of Groundhog Day before Saturday night, were a drunk friend of mine tried to explain it to me. I thought it was alcohol-related, but apparently I missed something in my North American education!

In France, we know it's Spring because demonstrations start again.

Johnada said...

BB, How did that go today? Did Oslo get to know your Wiarton willie?

Zhu, that's probably going to be on the citizenship exam, so it's good you got educated.

Zhu said...

Hey, I speak French, Canada just needs me, period! :D 2008

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