Monday, February 18, 2008


Today is the first Family Day in Ontario. Family Day is a brand new provincial holiday created by the Liberal government in Ontario so people would re-elect them. To me, it was the equivalent of someone running for class president in fourth grade on the "extra recess" platform. But I guess I should not complain because I get a paid day off work. Thanks Dalton, I would have voted for you if I could have (probably not, actually).

The ironic thing about Family Day for me is that the Wife has to work and the rest of Familada is about 600 miles (1000 km) away. So I'm spending this Family Day trying to figure out who I should pay income taxes to, and hanging out with my bros (pictured).

And Canada (or more specifically Ontario), if you want to separate your culture from the U.S., then it might be a good idea to not schedule new holidays on the same day as an existing U.S holiday. To some of the more cynical residents, this seems like more than a coincidence.

Also, after going through all the reader feedback I received (thanks Zhu and BB), I'm officially launching today, with real user generated content. So check it out, if you're into politics and women of a certain age.


Zhu said...

I have no family but I got a paid day off so can't complain.

Funny thing is, at the school we only get stats holidays paid and the rest of the time where gov' employees (students) are on holidays, we don't work but don't get paid (i.e August 1st). So for once it's fun to see them work while we're home!

I'd have voted Dalton anyway ;) 2008

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