Saturday, February 16, 2008

CURLING WEEK - Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Today is the start of one of Canada's great sporting traditions - The Tournament of Hearts. (It's also known as the Canadian Women's Curling Championship.) This year's tournament is in Regina - the capitol of Canada's bread basket. The Championship brings together the best curling team from each of the provinces, one from the territories and last year's defending champs - known as Team Canada.

I was going to breakdown some of the match ups, but I'm really quite lazy and the Regina Leader-Post has already done a great job here. My prediction - watch out for my favourite curler of all time, Jennifer Jones and Team Manitoba. I know they are a longshot, but I'm on a streak.

It seems a little odd to this American that in 2008 a women's national sporting event is sponsored by a toilet paper/paper towel company, but I guess it's just one of those Canadian things. Maybe I just get too excited about the sponsor of the men's championship.

Here are two great songs with references to the Tournament of Hearts:


Zhu said...

Curling... oh, it's so hard to comment on it! I'm just back from the Sabres/Senators game and I must say I'm more into hockey than curling. But nothing beats the curling scream of death, that's for sure.

(lame comment but I'm a woman, so not into sports)

beaverboosh said...

Hey, she's almost a babe! Curling totty eh!

the wife said...

Yeah, that curler is a looker... though Chan was quite dashing as usual in his green hoodie.

This is my favorite Constantines song... there's something about the way he sings those lyrics that make me want to cry every time. 2008

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