Thursday, March 27, 2008

BEERNADA - True North Strong Ale

After a long absence, our new Beernada column arrives fresh from the jungles of Ecuador. When I asked Dr. Aromyces for a column reporting on his trip to the jungle, his eyes turned bright red and he said "only Satan himself could pry the tale from within my skull." I pressed him further, and he said he would reveal the sordid journey on one condition - that I pay him $5 for the column. So be on the look out for the Antichrist if you're interested in hearing about Beernada's adventures in South America.

by Zak Aromyces
I emerged from the sweaty depths of the Amazon jungle with the treasure of ale so rich that I cannot reveal it on punishment of spearing by the King of the River Napo, himself. After my return to the land-of-plenty, and to stave off my increasing delirium induced by my newfound booty, I immediately reached for a beer to counteract the swelter of the equator. I was seeking Taiga at my local Beer Store, but all that was at hand to balance the feverish, cloying jungle was True North Strong Ale.

The slogan of this line of True North beers, which hail from the multi-faceted fermentation behemoth Magnotta based in northern Toronto, is “Naturally Canadian.” Naturally, I was apprehensive about my recent purchase.

Color: Copperish-colored (not really, but that’s what the website says)
Aroma: Smells like an average microbrew (uninspired); hop aroma unremarkably subtle; some grainy, malty aroma dominates
Taste: (too) well-balanced; malty sweetness with toffee undertones played off by unobtrusive bitterness of the hops; a little on the sweet side and thin-bodied for a “strong ale”
Overall Rating: Drinkable. I’ll give it 3.5 Molsons. Worth the $18/12pack (for Canada), I guess, but it makes me feel really indifferent about drinking beer.

This is a nice beer. The kind you want to go golfing or grocery shopping with. It is truly, unremarkably, Canadian. Have it with some peameal, or maybe beaver jerky if you like. It won’t bother me, and I don’t think it will bother you, either.

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beaverboosh said...

I have been looking for a beer I can go golfing and shopping with for ages. Send me a case! 2008

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