Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Selling Canada to Chicago

Johnada operatives have recently uncovered mediocre U.S. marketing attempts that use misinformation to sell Canada to Americans. This evidence was spotted on the rails of Chicago's famous public transit system, the "El."

Exhibit A:
Hmm, the choice here is move to Canada and get medically necessary services for free or pay a bunch of money for this third rate service from some place called Gizmo Health. Why would any want health insurance from a place called Gizmo? Especially when that woman with the Canadian flag looks so "healthy." I think I'd move to Canada over hanging out with the bug-eyed robot. Is he the doctor that will be administering my MRI? (Remember neither plan includes dental!)

Exhibit B:This marketing comes directly from Tourism Ontario. Their spokesman is none other than famed outdoor adventurist Babe Winkelman*. I love Babe as much as the next RV owner, but who are these Ontarians trying to fool? Babe Winkelman is from Minnesota not Canada. He lives in America. Aren't there any good outdoorsmen currently living in Canada that can sell Ontario to Chicago? Actually, I can think of someone that would make a great spokesperson - me.

Here's my proposal - put me in a flannel shirt and take pictures of me shooting stuff - deer, fish, bears, moose, beavers, baby seals, loons, whatever. It will be huge. I'm from (near) Chicago - people there would love to see that one of their own on an ATV ripping up the beautiful natural settings of the Canadian Shield. Johnada is huge in Chicago.** This could be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between Tourism Ontario and Johnada. I'll even throw in Beernada to promote all of his favourite Ontario beers to the U.S. (all one of them). Email me Ontario - I'll have my people call your people.

Special thanks to Special Agent Shancho for the incriminating photos.

*By famed I mean I once saw his show in college when I was hungover and woke up early.
**By huge I mean read by more than four people.


Zhu said...

And Quebecer try to sell Quebec (preferably NOT Montreal but the empty North) to French. Ads everywhere in the subway...

Do Americans try to sell the USA in subways around the world as well? Never noticed...

Love the new design of Johnada BTW. No, not you, the blog. I mean, I like you too but the blog is blue and I like blue. Sorry tired. Jetlagged :D

Johnada said...

I don't think I've ever seen ads for the U.S. in foreign countries, but I've definitely seen ads for U.S. cities in other U.S. cities.

Don't worry Zhu, since I went completely bald about seven years ago, there have been no real redesigns of the non-blog version of Johnada.

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