Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Somewhere along the way, the First Lady got addicted to a show called America's Next Top Model. For those of you who do not know, it's a reality show about modelling. And not only is it about modelling, but it's about young women and important life lessons like learning to walk like you are constipated and learning to pose like a sexy homeless person.

Every Wednesday I try to avoid the television with other activities, but somehow always manage to get sucked in by the elimination at the end. Damn you Tyra Banks and your unintentionally hilarious show!

A big part of ANTM is the Director of Photo Shoots - Canadian Mr. Jay* (not to be confused with Miss J). Mr. Jay tells the girls that they either have it or they don't. To my untrained eye, his decisions seem pretty arbitrary, but I also don't have his eye for modelling, his sense of dramatic flair or his blond coiffure. And really it's all about is hair, so I'm giving it a Canadian Hero Award.

This is the third Canadian Hero Award to go to hair. Apparently, when it comes to hair, Canadians rule. (Or maybe I give these hair awards because of my baldferiority complex.)

Mr. Jay's 'do is unparallelled in Canada, America, or Johnada, but I have a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't stick out too much in Germany. His spiked blond birdnest does not go with his makeup, skin tones. But that's okay, because it says "I create my own style, even though I punish others for not acting exactly like Tyra Banks."

In addition to being the guy who tells model they suck during their photo shoots on ANTM, Mr. Jay also hosts the Canadian version of the show - Canada's Next Top Model. We have yet to see this, because it's on in the summer. I sure hope that the First Lady doesn't get sucked in, but I have a feeling Mr. Jay and I still have a lot of time to spend together. I hope he brings plenty of moose.

Because I know everyone out there is a stickler for the CHA rules , Mr. Jay (Jay Manuel) was born in Springfield, IL, but he grew up in Toronto and considers it his home, so he is still eligible for this award.


Zhu said...

It's no so much for the hair but for the nice fresh skin you get by living half of the year in a freezing cold country.

Aiglee said...

I watch America Next Top Model every week and my husband gets sucked in like you, he can't help it but watch it with me ^^ Didn't know mr. J was Canadian, cool!

MiMi said...

I saw even ISU is sponsoring its own version "ISU's Next Top Model."

I didn't know they had a first one.

Mr. Jay is pretty, kinda makes me wish I was a gay man...yowsa.

Johnada said...

Zhu - Is it good for the skin? Mine seems dry, but maybe that's a good thing.

Aiglee - I feel your husband's pain.

Mimi - Mr. Jay is gay? OMG

the wife said...

I think it is even awesomer that Mr. Jay was born in Springfield IL where, incidentally, Johnada and I were wed. I think Mr. Jay might be our soul-mate. I suspect he might feel differently...

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