Monday, June 30, 2008

HOLIDAY WEEK - Our Annual Canada Day Preview

Tomorrow (or today/yesterday/last week depending on when you read this) is Canada Day. As has been our tradition every Canada Day since this blog started last October, we are going to run down some of the most exciting events around the World. Honestly, it's hard for us to call it Canada Day, because it will always be Dominion Day to us: we always loved the Miss Dominion of Canada beauty pageant. Oh well. Here`s the rundown for this year`s activities:

  • If you live in Newfoundland (all 500,000 of you), you can go see the Stanley Cup tomorrow. Local hero Danny Cleary is the first Newfie to play for a Cup-winning team. Don`t drop the cup!
  • If you want a subdued celebration, head for Quebec where the interest in Canada Day is always lukewarm at best. But I bet some where there will be a poutine with a flag in it. Also apologies to mon souer for not writing about a FĂȘte Saint-Jean-de-Baptiste (QC`s national holiday) last week.
  • If you`re in London, England, you can celebrate Canada Day in Trafalgar Square where Cordon Bleu chef Daniel Verati will offer samples of Canadian food (poutine and back bacon, I suppose), there will be a taste of the Montreal comedy festival and high speed street hockey.
  • The Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. is having a Canada Day party, but you`ve got RSVP by today! If you go, I recommend bringing a Russian friend and debating which of the three countries has sovereignty over the Arctic. Sure to make for scintilating conversation. Beernada will be in D.C. working on his North American Free Beer Argreement, so he may be at the Embassy (though he`s much more likely to be here).
  • Those (one) of you who live in Hong Kong, there`s a Canada Day celebration every year in Lan Kwai Fong.
  • The weather`s looking good for celebrations in Iqaluit, Nunavut where it will be a balmy 7C (43F).
  • Finally, if you want to catch me, please come down to the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Johnada will be celebrating the only way I know how - by attacking people with blow up donuts at the first Canadian Donut Olympics. Only in Canada.
Happy Canada Day from all of us at Johnada!


Seraphine said...

Blow-up donuts? You're attracting a rather kinky bunch up there in Canada, aren't you?

Zhu said...

is it me or you purposefully forgot Ottawa? Give the Itunes back, SIR! :D

Seriously, I know we are boring in this city but this is our moment of glory. 300 000 visitors are expected on Parliament Hill tomorrow, come on!

Aiglee said...

wow!! I missed that :( I had to work today, and either way didn't know about it; how was it? :)

Gary said...

Johnada- How did you know???!?!?!?
I did, in fact, represent my beloved Canada in Lan Kwai Fong Canada Day!

That's right- MY beloved Canada. See, I don't have the heart to admit that I'm American when I leave the confines of the US of A. Too much enmity outside the wire.

No, I find it best to just wear my Maple Leafs sweater (see? I AM Canadian- I know it's not a hockey "jersey") , say "eh?" alot and be really, really nice to people.

"O Canadaaaaaaaa......."

Johnada said...

Seraphine - Yes, Canadians can be rather saucy, and I'm not just talking about the poutine.

Zhu - Sorry, I was going to do Ottawa as the big finish, but I forgot. Next year that's all I will talk about!

Aiglee - We didn't actually make it for the Donut activities, but we did see some music, which was really good.

Gary - After living here for nine months, I've got to say the nice thing is mostly a myth, but Happy Canada Day all the same... 2008

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