Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I LIVE ON DEGRASS STREET- And I Rock Out to the Zit Remedy

Probably the biggest reason I haven't been around lately is due to our move. We relocated to a bigger place in a more pedestrian friendly neighbourhood due to the pending arrival of the royal cargo. So, it's goodbye to Jimmy's Place and hello to Jimmy's Place. We still live in Toronto, but we now live on what is basically a national landmark in Canada - DeGrassi St. Yes, the DeGrassi St! (If you don't know why this is awesome, than you obviously did not grow up in the U.S. or Canada in 80's or today. Degrassi Junior High/High is a monumental Canadian show.)

First of all, DeGrassi is not that big of a street. It is really only a couple of blocks long, connecting Queen St to Gerrard St. The series was named after our street because the creators lived around here and used the exteriors for shooting the first incarnation, called "Kids of Degrassi Street". (For some reason, they don't capitolize the "G" in their version.)

Everybody asks me what the school is like. Unfortunately, there is no school on DeGrassi St. Apparently, they filmed some of the school scenes in a school a block away, before relocating to other areas of town.

There are definitely a lot of kids on Degrassi St (soon to be one more). I'm always amazed by how many strollers roll down our little street. And lots of dogs too. Plus a cat named Lilly who is brave enough to come in our place with no reservations, despite the protests of Balki. Overall, it's a great street. In fact, miracle of miracles, there's not a Tim Hortons anywhere close. For that, I give it 5 Hortons.


littlemass said...

The same thing would happen in Boston:

"St. Elsewhere" - the supposed hospital building was an appartment building taht was in the South End.

"Cheers" - the real bar looks NOTHING like the TV version - although it has since been replicated by two different pubs in Boston. People go to the "real" Cheers and get really bummed!

"Spencer For Hire" - they really did film most of this in Boston - used to really screw up the traffic!!

beaverboosh said...

Hey, the move sounds cool in light of the expected package. Is the school GOOD? hee hee

Zhu said...

I have never actually watched the show (yeah, I know, I have to study it for my citizenship test...).

When is Johnada jr due? Have you considered Degrassi as a name?

Johnada said...

littlemass - I've been to the Cheers in the airport. Definitely a fake.

BB - School's great.

Zhu - Degrassi would be a great name. It works for boys and girls, but I don't think the First Lady will go for it. And it's due on Oct. 22.

Gary said...

Oh my GOD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Degrassi! I haven't seen (or thought of) that show in years! I was a little older when it aired, about 20 or 21, but it didn't stop us from playing drinking games according to the actors' dialogue! 2008

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