Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CANADIAN HEROES - Whoever Did This

These people are even more confused than we are, and we can get excited about that. They have decided that the next Prime Minister of Canada should be Barack Obama - Barack Obama for Prime Minister. Apparently the site was started because a poll of Canadians showed that Obama would defeat all other Canadian PM candidates, included the current Prime Minster, Stephen Harper. This is really going to stop all those nasty rumours that Canadians have America envy.

Unfortunately, I can't get behind the platform, because Johnada only votes for Johnada for Prime Minister. And really, I can't vote for Prime Minister. And America needs Obama a LOT more than Canada. Really!

But I appreciate the effort, and for that whoever created the site is our latest Canadian Hero. I respect anyone who's willing to create a site for Obama, especially those that follow through (unlike me).

P.S. For all you Americans and other non-Canadians that read this site, there's also an election going on in Canada right now. It's kind of scary because the current Prime Minister (who kind of sucks) may get a majority government. What's a majority government, you ask? Well, we'll talk more about this in the upcoming weeks, I suppose, you silly Americans who don't know anything about countries that aren't America.


Aiglee said...

hahahaha, Obama for Canada!

Yeah, the elections are going to be interesting, I can't vote in either one so I can only see from the outside

Gary said...

"...you silly Americans who don't know anything about countries that aren't America."

If I my be so bold as to offer a correction-

Americans don't even know much about America!

Zhu said...

Obama looks really cute with Canadian winter clothes.

Signed: Obama girl.

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