Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The officiALE of 1.20.09: OBAMAle

We announce the selection of the officially endorsed BEERNADA'S BEER OF THE CENTURY to celebrate and symbolize the dawn of a new era of American politics. Royalwe agonized over the decision between two of the obvious contenders for some weeks now, but since it has come to my attention that neither Molson or Labatt's is American, a third brew had to be considered. Consequentely, the offcial selection of the officiALE is Hair of the Dog's OBAMAle. But seeing as this exceedingly talented Portland, OR brewery doesn't make that beer, we accept Hair of the Dog's Ruth American Ale to be a superb alternative and the recommended patriotic libation worthy of quaffing on 1.20.09 ............and for several days thereafter.


Rick Bourbonnais said...

Sounds like a good brew. But will they have it at the Brickstone? That's where I'll be in Jan 20.

rachel said...
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Zak Aromyces said...

Hello Bournonnais!

i've been to the brickstone in bourbonnais (i have the pint glass to prove it...well, sort of...true, but no) and, from what i remember, i doubt they'd have anything that doesn't sound french.

beaverboosh said...

Please ship a case to me in NOWAY, ASAP! 2008

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