Saturday, January 10, 2009

OH CANADA - So Young, So Innocent

These are the headlines making news across Canada tonight:

-Obama to visit Canada first
-Obama to visit Canada in first foreign trip
-Obama to visit Canada on first foreign trip as president
-Deformities threaten moose

Okay that last one is from Nova Scotia, where they are worried about real Canadian issues. But as for the rest of Canada, good thing they're not worried about the gigantic recession, the parliamentary crisis or the war in Afghanistan. Nope, not of that matters, because Obama's coming!

Anyway, Obama's officially invited to Degrassi Street, but we might get him pregnant or offer him drugs. That's how we do things here.


Zhu said...

Well, we haven´t seen a real polician in a while, it could explain this.

What´s going on with moose? That matters more!

beaverboosh said...

Hey, as a new scotlander, i can reliably inform you these moose issues are disconcerting and of grave importance to the public.

Magda said...

I do believe the moose is the most interesting. You can go a day without hearing about a moose, but Obama news will stalk you at every TV stand.

On the plus side: Maybe Obama will come to Canada riding a deformed moose. Now that would get a good headline!

(I apologize for the shameless promotion of my own blog...but we have extremely similar situations....well kind of.) =) 2008

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