Thursday, October 25, 2007


Why are Twizzlers so weird in Canada? In the U.S. cherry Twizzlers look like the picture on the left, but in Canada, they look like they do on the right. But the packaging isn't the problem, it's the inside. Canadian Twizzlers taste like Red Vine licorice, which while more authentic, taste stale and gross. I'm sure the U.S. version contains more sugar and other bad stuff, but at least it has some flavour.

Plus Twizzlers are alarmingly expensive here (much like beer, but I'll get into that some other time). It's like you're always buying them at the movie theatre.

And the last thing that bothers me is that convenience stores sell individual ropes in giant plastic bags where you have to reach in and touch the other licorice. Now anyone who knows me probably knows I'm not famous for my hygiene, but I am not sticking my hand in a clear plastic bag for a rope of bad Twizzlers. Toronto may be a clean city, but I don't think the people who buy individual licorice are the kind of people I want to share germs with. At least not yet.

Canadian Twizzlers get 0 Hortons.


Ola Fumilayo said...

I had to get to the bottom of why American Twizzlers taste so different (gross) compared to Canadian Twizzlers - and a google search led me here.

I live in Toronto, but on a recent visit to NYC I innocently purchased a pack of twizzlers licorice at the movies, eagerly anticipating the yummy flavour and texture that I'll admit I'm kind of addicted to. Boy was I in for an UNPLEASANT SURPRISE when I started to nibble on the US version.

I noticed in your post that you have the same reaction when your buds hit the Canadian version. Funny how entrenched our tastes become when we get used to something, eh?

betty st.antoine said...

very disappointed with pull n peel taste like wax. 2008

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