Monday, October 15, 2007


1) Chili Garlic - Absolutely the best Lay's potato chip I've ever had.
2) Curry - Surprisingly curry-like, maybe too much, but still I like this option.
3) Sea Salt and Pepper - Quite good, just the right amount of pepper flavouring.
4) Smokey Bacon - I've never been a big fan of fake bacon flavour.
5) Ketchup - I actually thought these we're going to be better. They don't taste like potato chips with ketchup on them; they taste like sticking your tongue into the ketchup bottle.

Unranked due to my inability to find them:
Roast Chicken - I'm a little weary, as I've never gotten much joy from Chicken in a Biskit; I can't imagine a roast chicken potato chip could be much better.
Fries and Gravy - Can't wait! I love poutine!*

Canadian potato chips get 4 Hortons because of their variety, and the fact that every new chip does not involve some variant of bacon like they do in the U.S. The only thing bringing the Canadian chip industry down is the ketchup chip.

*I've never actually had poutine.**

**I have had poutine.


Mom H said...

And how do you know what catsup tastes like when you stick your tongue in the bottle?

Johnada said...

Well, it's just an educated guess, but I've definitely know what catsup tastes like by itself in a spoon.

bo said...

didn't we all have poutine in Thunder Bay at a Canadian style A&W or something?

Johnada said...

Sorry Bo,
That wasn't us. That must have been on one of your "wedding" trips. I don't think we fit anything but pizza and donuts into the TB trip.

shannon said...

I think Bo may be right. Maybe the wifey can pony up on an answer to this one. Now we might not have had poutine, we definitely talked about it....and ate at some sort of canadian a&w...... this one in fact.......

Karen said...

How dare you dis ketchup potato chips! True, not everyone likes them, but also true that they are a great Canadian chip (and, yes, I love them too). Okay, also true that they don't taste like ketchup, but most chips don't really taste like potatoes either.
(Yes, I'm Canadian and yes, Johnada is quite funny)

Canadiancutie1 said...

I'm surprised there is no ratings of Miss Vicky's chips - they really are the best Canadian Chips - my favorite are Lime & Black Pepper 2008

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