Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME (canadian) FOOTBALL? - Our Annual Grey Cup Preview

This Sunday is Grey Cup Day in Canada. The Grey Cup is the Super Bowl of Canada, except instead of Prince for halftime, you get Lenny Kravitz. I somehow ended up on Lenny Kravitz's e-newsletter. I keep requesting him to stop, but he keeps sending me emails. So Lenny, if you're reading this, and I know you are, no more spam!

The Grey Cup originated when a rugby team from University of Toronto tried to get their hands on some Earl Grey tea that the Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club was hiding. It was a big bugaboo, and they decided to play for the tea. Things finally calmed down when everyone figured out that Earl Grey tea isn't that good. (What's a bergamont orange, anyway?)

The Grey Cup has since had a very interesting history. The biggest tragedy was when a team from Baltimore won the cup, and it left Canada's soil for the only time in 1995. Canada, as a long time American sports fan I give you this advice, never let a team from Baltimore win anything.

This year's Grey Cup features whoever beat the Toronto Argonauts in the semifinals vs. a team that's in the other (West?) division. (Maybe it's just me, but you'd think you'd put the names of the two teams that are playing somewhere on the Grey Cup website. Update - the team names are now listed! Most likely due to my muckracking.) As for my prediction, I really like the chances of the team that beat the Argonauts, because the Argonauts coach seems like a nice guy, and he wears a nice watch.

Here's some footage of the Argonauts big win in 1950:


bo said...

i like earl grey tea. i hope that you've already managed to score us all tickets to the grey cup. i expect nothing less than to take it over the top in toronto. 2008

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