Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BEERNADA - Invitation Accepted!

When Johnada asked (conned) our friend into writing a fun beer review column, we didn't expect him to spend ten hours researching each beer (that's supposed to be our job). So after being contacted directly by Steam Whistle after his first review, we would have gladly accepted the following answer from him, "I did not sign up for this, why don't you take your 'blanking' blog and shove it up your 'blank'. Also, get a real job, hippie." Instead we go this:

Considering that I clearly didn’t take the time to do the background research before launching into my first-ever Canadian Brew Review Debut, Zach Aromyces proudly accepts the invitation to Steam Whistle for a second tasting. If I’m lucky, I’ll even get my facts straight for my follow-up review...or at least a t-shirt. I wear a small, no kidding. (It's a large small - Johnada)

So get excited Johnadians, because some time very soon, we're heading to Steam Whistle! And we will document the experience for your reading pleasure. Also, Zach is already working on his next review of a local brew, so Ontario, consider yourself warned!

P.S. After searching around the web, I can not say whether Steam Whistle is available anywhere in the U.S., but I promise that will be my first question upon our arrival.


Mrs. Aromyces said...

Don't worry, I've got you guys covered. In case this beer tour is really awful, I promise to bring some Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout back across the border when I return from US this week---just to aid in your recovery from this upsetting encounter with Canadian beer.

Dheeru said...

Beer makes me gassy. 2008

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