Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RANKING CANADIAN POTATO CHIPS - President's Choice "General Tao Chicken"

When I saw these chips the other day at Loblaws, I was super excited. The Wife, however, was less than enthused. In fact, she gently suggested that we not buy them. Apparently she doesn't understand the lengths I'm willing to go to for my readers. After pointing out they were only $1.50, the victory was mine.

It was a total surprise when we opened the bag. To be completely honest, I was prepared to eat one chip and throw the bag away, but they grabbed my attention like the first butterfly of spring. The chip manages to be sweet, savoury and slightly bitter at the same time. You can actually taste a hint of ginger, no small accomplishment. And best of all, despite the name, there is not even the smallest hint of chicken flavour. The Wife even liked them, saying she'd like to meet this General Tao.

After reading the ingredient list, there is a big negative. These chips contain Monosodium Glutemate otherwise known as MSG. While not totally proven horrible for you, I think enough evidence exists that we don't need to add it to food anymore. (But it tastes so good!) We shouldn't stuff are face full of things that are bad for us (We do, nearly every day. We have a weakness for Coke Zero. It's like Diet Coke, only manly.)

General Tao Chicken gets 3.5 Hortons. A great chip that is brought down by the inclusion of a nasty ingredient. None of the President's I've known would have made that choice.


Ceil said...

I like plain Lays chips.

Flavors copy off of other chips, like barbecue ones.

Only plain.

Johnada said...

I love plain Lays too, especially with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But flavoured (Canadian spelling) chips can be good too. Maybe when you come to Canada, you can try some out. I bet you'd like the ketchup flavoured ones. 2008

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