Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This week Johnada had some very special visitors up from the States. To protect their identities, we'll call them Shancho and Maymard. Because it was Grey Cup weekend, we had to take it over the top. And there's no better place to take it over the top than Jimmy's.

Jimmy's is owned and run by Jackie (it's a long story). It's located very close to Johnada. They have karaoke on Friday and Saturday night. Though it has a bad reputation on one blog, I've found it a nice place with a friendly, if not trendy, clientele. Yes, it's blue collar. And yes, people probably drink too much. But everyone was happy and encouraging us to sing on Friday night. Well, except for the woman who screamed at her husband for twenty minutes straight, but it didn't seem to bother him as he happily sang along to a rousing version of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Jackie is especially nice, though I suspect he's not fulfilling a lifelong dream by owning Jimmy's.

Johnada - My Generation, Chicago (Toronto version)
The Wife and Shancho - Sweet Child O' Mine, Something Else
Maymard - Give It Away, Rag Doll
Beernada - Too scared of Jimmy's to show up (Round II to Johnada)

The comic highlight was definitely Rag Doll mainly due to the improvisational skat that comes at the end. Let's just say Maymard could use a little practise. Overall, karaoke at Jimmy's was a very good time. Maymard and I even went back on Sunday to watch the final minutes of the Grey Cup.

Jimmy's gets 4 Hortons for being a neighbourhood bar that tries to be nothing else. Lenny Kravitz Grey Cup halftime performance gets 1.5 Hortons (see Prince last year if you want the only halftime show that will ever get 5), the Saskatchawan Roughriders get 4.7 Hortons for winning the Grey Cup and providing Johnada with a rare victory in gambling. And though Maymard owes me a "keg" since he lost the bet, I think posting the following picture will make us even.

Over the top, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Good thing Maynard has vacated Toronto, or you might have just lost your hottest ass title.

Johnada said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comments. However, I want to point out that just like the University of Illinois Intramural Athletic Department, Johnada inexplicably finds the alternate spelling of Maymard offensive.

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