Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The photo on the left is the "smallest" house in Toronto, and apparently it's for sale. Asking price - $173 000. I'm sure it's probably been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't resist putting this picture up. I love that it is close to public transit and still has space for two cars. I hope the owner has a Land Rover and a Hummer.

Unfortunately, as our recent visitors can probably attest, Johnada's pad isn't too much bigger. However, we're on the first floor of a multi-story house. So we have certain amenities that home ownership doesn't offer. Like downstairs neighbours who just moved out of their parents' houses and like to work out their issues by yelling at the top of their lungs at three in the morning. Ah to be young and in love.

Big thanks to the Wrath of Kan in Minneapolis for pointing this out. You thinking of moving to the T-to?


Zhu said...

It's still not as bad as Paris: around 5000EUR per square meter!

(sorry, it's too late for me to convert EUR in CA$ and meters in feet, but I'm sure you agree it's a lot of money for a very small space)

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