Monday, February 25, 2008

THE END IS NIGH - He Will Soon Return!

No, I'm not talking about JC. And no I'm not talking about Ralph Nader either. I'm talking about someone a little bit more exciting . . . Beernada. Some of you may have seen this comment show up on Saturday -

GREETINGS FROM THE AMAZON BASIN (no, i'm not kidding). i'm still deep in my pursuit of pure ale here in south america, a land with a rich brewing tradition as I'm sure all of my veteran readers know. i'll give a full report upon my return to the hinterland next week.

Have a yeasty day.

-Dr. Zak Aromyces, Ph.B.S.

Exciting news, indeed. This site has been much too sober recently. We need the sweet muckracking voice of a snooty academic to get this party started. Here's something to hold you over:


Scott said...

How exactly does one have a yeasty day?

Anonymous said...

i usually start with some squirrly potatoes encased in a rich lather of marmite.

please don't make me review molson light. please.

-Dr. Zak Aromyces, Ph.B.S. 2008

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