Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We interrupt your normally scheduled Curling Week blogging for a special announcement: Johnada has created a side project blog. It pertains to U.S. politics, so I don't think it will interest all of you, but hopefully some of you will check it out. Anyway I decided to do this because my mom didn't think I was doing enough to back up my political conviction.

Since Obama does poorly among "mature" women (according to polls and the media in general), I thought I would give his supporters with two X chromosomes (and lots of life experience) a place to offer their reasons for supporting him. Thus Grandmas for Obama was born.

When I finally decided to jump aboard this train, I knew I would need someone with better graphic design skills than mine (though my work does have certain "charm"). So I asked my friend JT to come with a design for Grandmas for Obama. Here's what he sent me:I think this design is absolutely brilliant, but it's not quite the tone I was looking for. So he went back to the drawing board. So please do me a favor and check this site out - Then come back here and tell me what I can do to improve it. Also, if you know any grandmas for Obama, send them there.

P.S. Does it count as a blog if other people do all the writing, and I just post it?


Zhu said...

WTF is my curling????

Oh, okay, if it's for Obama... I promise when I'll be mature (read "old and wrinkled") I'll still like the guy.

And yes, the campaign poster design is brilliant. And it's still a blog if other people write for you. You're just another American outsourcing I guess :D

beaverboosh said...

Love the campaign, I would send it my grandmother for subscription, but she is dead, and not American. Oh well! What does your Mom think of it? 2008

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