Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CURLING WEEK - Get Swept Up in the Fun

How to Curl
: You take the stone or the rock or whatever it's called and you push it on the ice. Then some people who may or may not be your teammates sweep the ice in front of the stone. Meanwhile some guy named Skip stands at the back so you can aim your push. Throw? Toss? You do this back and forth a bunch of times and then somebody wins. Then you drink a lot. Actually, it turns out that watching curling on TV doesn't make it easy to explain this game.

For a better explanation, go here and Launch the Flash Animation. You'll here some super awesome music that will start to become annoying after about 3 seconds.

I can tell you that curling was invented in Scotland a long time ago. The Scottish also invented golf. Apparently they have a thing for sports that don't involve exercise.

But enough of my yapping, you want to see some curling:


SMB said...

"Old Age Security".....oh how I'm laughing at that now. Well, the whole commercial, not just the "old age security" part but that made the commercial so much better. And, that video in French, holy cow, that was a good toss or throw or push or pooosh. How the H-E-Double hockey sticks do you do that?!

michael said...

i take great offense to your uninformed claim about the lack of 'exercise' involved in curling. anyone who has ever actually curled will tell you that after a season of sweeping, screaming, sliding, delivering, and drinking, your lats are beefed up, your cardiovascular capabilities are vastly increased, your balance is improved, and your alcohol tolerance is through the roof. so while it may not conform to exercise-in-a-gym standards, it provides a better work out- physically and socially- than a number of sports i can think of: baseball, synchronized swimming, project runway, iron chef, bocce, shuffleboard, darts, pool/billiards, and most certainly golf.
don't alienate your american curlers- they're an important untapped electoral group that may just swing this election in mike gravel's direction. 2008

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