Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CURLING WEEK - Rock Star Curling

It's Curling Week at Johnada, meaning every one of our posts this week will focus on Canada's other favourite ice sport. Tomorrow's post will be Johnada's in depth look at the sport, so if you don't know much about curling I suggest you study up, because you're probably not going to get good info here.

We begin our curling week coverage with some great news! Apparently, NBC is planning to broadcast a show with stars curling. Sort of like Dancing with the Stars, but instead of dancing they throw a big stone at other stones. This is leading up to their coverage of the 2020 Olympics in Vancouver. I can not tell you how awesome I think this is. Speaking from personal experience, the world needs more shows where you can watch curling on TV. And there is certainly not enough coverage of American celebrities around.

There's a very long list of famous people I would love to see curling. I'd put Patrick Swayze at the top of the list. I'm not really sure why, but something about him on ice makes me chuckle.

It probably goes without saying, but "Curling With the Stars" gets 5 very big Hortons.

Here's the full article in today's Toronto Star.


SMB said...

Wouldn't you like to see Patrick Swayze do just about anything? I mean, he can sing, he can dance, he can act, what couldn't this guy do?

I'm down at our Alma Mater today. I'll say 'Hello' to the English building for you.

Anonymous said...

i think that swayze on ice would probably involve a lot of graceful split jumps.

mimi said...

once darin sees this entry he'll be posting a comment every 3 minutes

Zhu said...

"Men with brooms" is one of the first movie I saw in Canada. I hadn't heard of curling yet and thought the movie was about housekeeping. Seriously.

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