Saturday, February 09, 2008


Also, Don Cherry is Our Newest Canadian Hero

Today is Hockey Day in Canada, which is sponsored by the CBC, so I guess I'd better post a little something about it. What can I possibly say about hockey in Canada. Not much, really. They f-ing love it. I've lived in a the "State" of Hockey, but that's not the same as an entire country. It's the only thing more Canadian than Tim Hortons.

Hockey Day in Canada is an offshoot of Hockey Night in Canada, which is the longest continuous running sports show on Earth. The Saturday night games are always among the highest rated in shows on Canadian television.

This year the event is headquartered in Winkler, Manitoba, a town very close to the border with North Dakota. I'm fairly certain Winkler is named after the great actor, Henry Winkler, otherwise known as the Fonz. CBC will have 13 hours of hockey coverage today, which means a lot of young men out there will have trouble waking up tomorrow.

And lest you think Canada's two greatest National icons can't peacefully coexist, have no fear because Tim Hortons sponsors a children's hockey league called Timbits, which is also what they call their donut holes.

For those of you who don't know, the man pictured above is Don Cherry, a CBC hockey commentator and pretty much the king of hockey in Canada. Though I try to think a little outside the box for my choices, I'm going to give him an Honorary Canadian Hero Award, if only for his outfits. Plus, he hates those Russian bastards:

Here's a "State" of hockey video for the non-Minnesotans out there:

Zhu has a great post on hockey.

Finally, on a more personal note, the Maple Leafs suck, so I'm beginning to understand why I've got affection for them. They remind me of someone else.


Zhu said...

Even though Don Cherry probably hates me (French...), I just love this guy! His rants are priceless. And his dress sense... he's colorblind, right? 2008

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