Thursday, February 07, 2008


Okay, one post on this, then I'll talk about some other stuff:
Dear Old White Americans (who I know don't read this, with the exception of my family),
I, Johnada, am really sick of you voting for candidates that I don't like. You voted in Bush (thanks). And now you are almost definitely going to elect John McCain or Hillary Clinton. I am now 30 years-old, and I know soon I will be one of you. But demographically, I'm worried that I'm never going to have the chance to dominate the electoral landscape like you have since Jimmy Carter was elected. McCain I expected you to nominate, and more power to you. But let us young folks have Obama.

I'll make my case using a new rating system:

McCain - 1.2 Harpers - Yes, he'll be better than Bush, but let's think about what kind of a compliment that is. My cat would be a better President than Bush, and he poops in a box. This is all I need to know:

If you think it's funny to make a joke about killing thousands people, then I encourage you to vote for McCain and see the new Rambo movie.

Clinton - 2 Chr├ętiens - Yes her policies are the same as Obama's, blah, blah. But she's the kind of politician that I really don't like - totally disingenuous. And trust me when I say that my distaste for her politicking has nothing to do with her gender. Worst of all, she's taken lots of money from health insurance companies over the last six years. These people are public enemy #1 in Johnada, and I don't trust any single payer system that includes them. Finally, I don't want to believe in an American Aristocracy with Bushs and Clintons controlling the country for over 20 years.

Obama - 3.75 Chr├ętiens - Not such a huge fan of his health insurance policies, but he's more honest about his than Hillary is about hers. The bottom line is that with insurance companies in the mix, the U.S. is going to be screwed either way. I think he's great on most other issues. He's got great charisma, which I can honestly say I wouldn't mind in a President. Most of all, I love the fact that he's inexperienced. If you think years of being beat down in the White House and Congress make you good at being President, then vote for McCain or Clinton. I happen to think optimism is sometimes a good thing. And if you're a Democrat, be honest with yourself and ignore these polls that come out every day - do you actually think middle of the road Americans would vote for Hillary over McCain?

I'm not naive enough to think that Obama will make no mistakes or will be perfect, but it would be nice for once in my life to wake up, at least for a couple of weeks between November and next January and think, "American politics aren't totally soul sucking and disheartening." I want to be excited for once. I want to feel like people can actually make things happen in America.

Therefore, after much speculation in the U.S. and Canadian press, Johnada officially endorses Barack Obama for President:
Please, old people, I'm sick of being sad about politics. Those of you in PA, OH and TX, vote for Obama. Do it for your children.


Aiglee said...

I support your cause Johnada!! :)

SMB said...

my whole body's convulsing from watching that youtube clip. as you know, i'm not a huge beach boys fan but i did like that song. now i won't be able to hear it w/out thinking of that clip. (sigh of disgust)

Mom said...

Well Mr. Johnada if all you "youngsters" had not been busy thinking politics was "uncool" four years ago.If young adults in mass had become involved in the voting process; maybe we would not have been "saddled" with an extended Bush presidency.

It is easy to generalize "old people" will do this or that. You have forgotten the most precious part of the Americn politicl process. Each individual has the privilege to cast a ballot for the candidate that best represents her or his values. In a democracy the one with the most votes wins (usually).

And while you have a nice website endorsing Barack Obama's charisma and optimism, both admirable traits, what else are you doing to help elect someone who encourages and excites your beliefs for a better America? I suggest that you work your butt off encouraging all those "youngsters" and "oldsters" to elect him president.

Barack is for all people, young and old regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. It is a mistake to make him exclusive to one group of people especially when "oldsters" are still the biggest voting block.

Love, Mom

beaverboosh said...

You live in DEMOCRACY, or at least you used to. I can no longer vouch for Canada after the Bloc Quebecois fiasco.
P.S. Your Mom is star! How long must we wait to see if any of this sage wisdom has been genetically passed on.

Johnada said...

Aiglee - Thanks! I wish you could vote.

SMB - Yeah that's a pretty horrible video.

Mom - Well, of course I was generalizing in jest. I know you're going to vote for Obama, and I think it's awesome we're on the same page. Since I'm in Canada, there's only so much I can do. Unfortunately, most of the people I know are very active voters and voting for Obama. I'll definitely head your advice and see what I can do when the OH, PA and TX elections are held.

BB - Unfortunately, this one may have to go to nurture too, since I can't claim to have enough wisdom from either parent yet . . . 2008

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