Wednesday, February 06, 2008

THE PUB PRIMARY - Voting While Abroad

Disclaimer: I have never voted in a primary before because I don't consider myself a true Democrat. On many issues, I'm left of the Dems and on a couple, I'm probably right. In general, I detest big political parties and all the corruption that spews from them. But I had to vote this year. . .

Last night the wife and I had the pleasure of voting for the Democratic nomination for President. (I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, but I'll give a clue that the person's name rhymes with Smarek Smobama.) We voted in the Democrats Abroad voting block. Democrats Abroad gets 11 voting delegates at the national convention. That's slightly less than Wyoming, but more than Samoa. And this year those 11 delegate votes could actually mean something.

The Democrats Abroad polling location in Toronto was at the Elephant & Castle Pub. It was a madhouse in there. There were tons of people, television reporters and televisions blaring CNN. I was featured prominently on the local Global newscast. They were at the pub filming because Canadians are fascinated by the fact that, not only do we get to directly vote for our leader, but we actually get to help decide who runs. Crazy Americans! (Though we here at Johnada have a strict policy against self-promotion, I will post a link to the video should it come up on their website.)

As for the results, most of the coverage I've seen says it's muddled but they talk up Hillary's big win in California. Nobody talks about how big of lead she had a couple weeks ago, and how much that dwindled. Okay, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, let's give this thing to Mr. Smobama.


mimi said...

California to Clinton? Maybe?

Check this out --

Theresa said...

I'll be happy with either. Anybody is better than Bush. 2008

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