Saturday, March 08, 2008


So it snows in Toronto. Who knew? We're facing another blast today and closing in on the all time seasonal snowfall record of 207 centimetres (81.5 inches). This is not a lot of snow for most of Canada, but for Toronto it's insane. The average year is 133 cm. We're supposed to get more on Tuesday. And apparently the city always gets at least one snowfall in April, so I think the record is out the window. Hooray for that. Warmer temperatures and more snow - on this count Toronto has been way better than Minneapolis. The last couple of years we lived in Minnesota it was very cold and very dry.

Since we don't drive very often, the snow has been great. The subway runs well during the snow, (at least the portion we frequent), and the streetcars do alright too. I think snow's fun to play in, as does Balki. As you can tell to the right, he prefers coloured snow. My neighbour Ron doesn't think I shovel enough. But I've shovelled quite a bit. He just never seems to be around when I do.

The snow would really be great if the Wife and I had some cross country skis, but we don't. Instead I just getting a running start and slide in my sneakers. The Wife predicts this will cause my first run in with Canadian healthcare, but all clear so far.


Zhu said...

Apparently we had over 3 meters of snow so far in Ottawa and last time I read the local newspapers before leaving, the city had ran out of salt.

Apparently I missed two major snow storms... God. Even though it's not hot in France, I like being in a snow-free country, just for a while. And my back feels much less sore as well!

beaverboosh said...

Dude, you have a better base down than most of the ski hills in the alps! 2008

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