Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Dearest person who is reading my blog,
Please ignore the following rant if you wish. I can understand not wanting to hear someone complain about something, especially something Canadian. However, I write this in hopes that this will somehow get back to whoever runs as I found it near impossible to email them directly.

Back in the U.S., the Wife and I had Netflix. We really liked their service. They always sent us movies fast and only the newest movies were hard to get right away. Unfortunately, Canada doesn't have Netflix. This was disappointing, but we figured we would get along fine without it . . . we were wrong. At first, we just went to Blockbuster, but there's not one that's convenient to us and it's like $6 a movie here. Plus, I don't like their colour scheme.

So we finally decided to give in and explore a Canadian DVD-through-the-mail option. I'd done some research beforehand and none of the Canadian DVD mail services got good online reviews. However, after mindless hours wasting my time I decided to go with because it is the largest and seemed like the best option. It cost about 75% more than Netflix in the U.S., but what I didn't really have many other options.

Well after about 1 and 1/2 months of service I'm fed up. is really good about getting things to us fast, but it's always movies that are way down our "ziplist". The main reason I went with is that I wanted to watch the 4th season of the Wire (oh how I love Omar). Despite it's spot at the the top of our list from the start, they've never sent me a copy. It was released December 4, so it's not that new. I put about 40 movies on the list, and they usually send number 31 or 32.

The worst part about - they have some deal called "Gotta Have It" where you pay $4 extra, and they send you the next available copy. Isn't that what they're supposed to do anyway? Why wouldn't they send me the next available copy if it's #1 on my list? If I wanted to pay $4 for each move, I'd go to Blockbuster.

I give .888 Hortons. Please come to Canada Netflix. Isn't this what NAFTA is for?

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