Monday, March 03, 2008


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to grab a bite to eat at Tim Horton's for breakfast this morning. I decided to go with an everything bagel. It turned into a confusing experience.

Johnada: Can I get an everything bagel?
Tim Horton's Woman: Do you want it toasted?
J: No thank you.
THW: Really?
J: Umm . . . yeah, no toasting.
THW (sounding slightly irritated): Butter?
J: No thanks
THW: No butter on your bagel?
J: Nope.
THW (looking as if I had just told her I eat babies): Are you sure?
J: Yes, I'm sure
THW: Well then you want cream cheese?
J: Just plain thanks.
THW: You want a plain bagel?
J: Well, I want a plain everything bagel
THW: Oh I see. And you don't want it toasted, right?

When I opened the bag a few moments later, I saw that I had a plain bagel with butter. Oh how I love Timmie Hortons! At least it wasn't toasted.

I would rate a plain bagel from Tim Horton's as 1 Horton. If I didn't it would shake the foundation of this blog.


Aiglee said...

hahahaha, everytime I go to Tim Hortons is something like that too... The last few times I opted for almost letting them choose for me what I wanted xD 2008

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