Friday, April 11, 2008

CHIP RANKINGS - Who Said They Had to Be Potato

It's been a long time since we talked about chips in these parts - partially because of my poor health test and partially because you kids don't like to hear about chips as much as I like to write about them. But I've recently munched my way into a delightful revelation that's too good not to talk about - spicy plantain chips from the Bulk Barn. They're more expensive than potato chips, but I love them all the same.

These spicy plantains are just delightful. Theyflavouring is subtle, not too salty, just a little acidic and a perfect amount of je ne sais quoi. I'm pretty sure these don't contain any of those weird additives that come in regular chips, but I wouldn't know anyway because when you buy things in bulk you can't read the ingredients list. So I assume that they're much better for me than potato chips and don't bother to find out if this is true.

As good as these are, they're still not Chili Garlic - 3.9999 Hortons.

Also, check out this article reviewing Potato "crisps" from England. I've got to try those Steak & Onion crisps, because I want to know there's something worse than Ketchup flavoured chips.

Current Chip Standings:

  1. Lays Chili Garlic
  2. Lays Curry
  3. Spicy Plantains from the Bulk Barn
  4. President's Choice General Tao Chicken
  5. Lays Sea Salt and Pepper
  6. Lays Smokey Bacon
  7. President's Choice Szechwan
  8. President's Choice Smokin' Stampede
  9. Lays Ketchup


Aiglee said...

plantain chips are soooo good, in Venezuela we call them tostones and you can make them yourself since it's really easy, we always have plantain at home so we can make them anytime we want ;)

Zhu said...

I love plantain chips as well, didn't know they had them at Bulk Barn! How more expensive are they?

Johnada said...

Aiglee - I'm going to have to look up a recipe for tostones. I think they would probably be great fresh.

Zhu - They're not too expensive, but definitely more than potato chips. Still worth it.

Aiglee said...

No recipe!! Just buy the plantain (green!), peel it off, cut it in very thin layers (can be round, long, whatever shape you like) and fry it! The oil has to be really hot, fry until it's toasted, take it off, put in a papel tower (to take a little cooking oil out) and toss salt in them. Now eat them and enjoy ;) 2008

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