Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today we explore 7 things about Johnada the person. I'll try to be honest here, which is not easy for me.

1) I once worked at a fancy resort on Colorado on their golf course. I was working with a Jamaican, and we were driving around the course in a Gator. We drove by a man with a beard that looked a lot like Michael Douglas. When I told the Jamaican that the guy teeing off looked like Michaeal Douglas, he turned around and drove very close to get a good look. It turns out it was Michael Douglas. And it turns out he doesn't like it when people approach him in a loud vehicles while he's teeing off. Michael Douglas knows a lot of words that can make Johnada cringe. However, I was lucky enough no to be this guy.

2) In high school and part of college, I was the lead singer in a band with many names, some of which included Crambone, Utica, Intermission, Jimmy Two Times, Pinchers of Power, Crotch 22, Scromp Attack and various other names. My good friend's mother once told me I had good stage presence. At the time I thought it was a compliment, but I now realize that she was really saying . . .

3) I work for an organization that tries to keep private insurance for medically necessary services out of Canada. Due to my temporary open work permit, the morons at Immigration Canada and my laziness, I still don't have access to health coverage to the Ontario Health Insurance Program. I sure hope my mom doesn't read this.

4)And for a good reason I should have the insurance - I recently spent two and half years in near constant misery due to undiagnosable dizziness. It was not fun. It may have been my inner ear, but I never got a good diagnosis. I would spend weeks doing nothing more than going to work and coming home and laying down. Despite no cure, I eventually started feeling better. However, when I don't sleep well or I get overly anxious my misery returns.

5) I'm a horrible liar. In high school, I called in to work to tell them I was sick, though I was really planning to play soccer with some friends. The woman who answered the phone said it was obvious I was lying and I'd better be there on time. I also spent weeks planning a surprise party for my wife and then I told her about it two days before the party. I could list about twenty more things like this.

6) There's a lot I don't know about blogging. Like what is the point of Technorati? And what about Twitter? And why won't Blogger let me hyperlink to a new window, instead of sending people away? I also don't know how to post how many people use feedburner to visit my site. I just don't have time to keep up with the kids these days. There so much stuff about blogging that I don't understand.

7) I spend a large amount of my time (some who are married too me might say too much) obsessing about the Chicago Cubs. Even though, I want almost nothing more than for them to win the World Series, I'm secretly rooting against them this year. For the reason why, stay tuned . . .


SMB said...

I have one guess as to why you do not want the Cubs to win the world series this year. But I won't tell the internet.

We can discuss it at the game on Sunday.

Justin Timberlake said...

I'm secretly rooting for Johnada to be gang raped by Len Casper and Bob Brenley.

Theresa said...

For a minute there I thought you were going to post about Exporer 7 and I very nearly ran away screaming. Gives me the heebie jeebies, that does. But then I realized you were exploring Johnada, and I figured that could be fun, but I don't see a map anywhere so how are we supposed to keep from getting lost? BTW, just what are those words that Michael Douglas knows?

Zhu said...

Are you saying Crotch 22 split? Man, I've been waiting to see them live forever! :D

No OHIP? That sucks. Really. Have you applied to be a Permanent Resident?

Technorati is basically to bookmark your favorite sites. You also get "popularity" when people link to you. Sign up, this one is useful. The others not so.

Blogger won't let you stay on the same window to comment. It's blogger... No much to do about that.

For the feedburner widget, you have to get it from feedburner (gotta sign up) and copy/ past some HTML code in your sidebar.

You're welcome grandpa!

Johnada said...

SMB - If your guess involves me joining the priesthood, than you're right.

JT - Interesting view.

Theresa - I don't know what Exporer 7 is, but now I'm scared too. There will be a map someday, but I need more free time due to my poor Illustrator skills. As for MD's words, you'll just have to use your imagination.

Zhu - Thanks for all the great advice. I'm glad to know all the non-Technorati sites are useless!

beaverboosh said...

Crotch 22? The music gods made you dizzy for 2 years for naming your band this! 2008

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