Monday, June 09, 2008


The other day, I was at the 7 Eleven near my office unsuccessfully looking for unsweetened iced tea when I noticed they were carrying Roast Chicken Flavoured Lays. After signing a few autographs, I hurried over to the counter and purchased a bag. This was very exciting to me as I have had a lot of trouble finding this particular flavour.

When I carefully pulled the bag open, it was like I was transported to rotisserie in Paris, and I felt the approach of fried potato joy. (Actually, my initial reaction when I opened the bag was to wonder if I had forgot to use deodorant.)

Tasting Notes - Tastes like Chicken bullion. My tongue doesn't feel good. Why do they call it Roast Chicken? Nothing about it tastes like chicken. Did I wash the grey socks? These taste like a lot Lawry's seasoned salt. These chips are awful.

Now I know why these are hard to find. Congratulations Ketchup, you're no longer the worst chip in Canada.

Current Chip Standings:

  1. Lays Chili Garlic
  2. Lays Curry
  3. Spicy Plantains from the Bulk Barn
  4. President's Choice General Tao Chicken
  5. Lays Sea Salt and Pepper
  6. Lays Smokey Bacon
  7. President's Choice Szechwan
  8. President's Choice Smokin' Stampede
  9. Lays Ketchup
  10. Lays Roast Chicken
Now all I need to find are pizza, fries'n gravy, salsa, wasabi and, the Holy Grail of Canadian Chips, spicy Indian masala. (Incidentally, if anyone knows where to get any of these flavours, let me know.)


Zhu said...

I'll stick to Doritos or plain chips. I always find these flavor too strong... too salty... to sticky...

Picky as a French.

Anonymous said...

"Tastes like Chicken bullion"... same paragraph... "Nothing about it tastes like chicken". Way to contradict yourself. If it tastes like chicken bullion something tells me they succeeded. Next time you want to criticize something just for the sake of you not having anything better to do... please at least try to make sense.

Johnada said...

Actually, I don't think anybody in their right mind thinks chicken bullion tastes anything like chicken. So no contradiction there, but thanks for playing. Is that you, Mr. Lay?

Shiral said...

I live in FLORIDA...visited Nova Scotia in 2004 and had the Roasted Chicken Chips...too bad we don't have those here. :( 2008

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