Wednesday, June 11, 2008


CBC recently lost the rights to the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada. It's a big deal up here. They go nuts for that song.

Apparently, rival network CTV bought it to use for hockey games on The Sporting Network. Personally, I think the song kind of sucks, but, you know, I'm American and all. My favourite theme song will always be Mr. Belvedere. Reluctantly, I still have to give the hockey theme 5 Hortons.

Anyway, when I saw this on the Colbert Report, I knew I had to post it. It's what this blog is all about:


Indiana J. said...

I get nothing but a blank space after the Colbert report. Is that the point or do you have posting problems?

Anonymous said...

I'm still an immigrant so I don't care about the song. But should we change, Don Cherry should sing something. My call.

beaverboosh said...

Curse you foreigners and your ignorant ways... traditions are traditions and this one is an oh so sacred tradition! Viva the SONG!

Dr. Zak Aromyces said...

They don't even know what hockey is here in Vietnam. damn heathens. all they care about is soccer and badminton.

mot chai bia, lam on? (that's vietnamese for "one bottle of beer, please"). I usually go without the "please," 'cause the beer stinks and they should be aware of my disdain.

-Zak, Minister of Booze

SMB said...

Haven't you done ANYTHING worthy of writing about in the last week?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! 2008

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