Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BEERNADA defects

After a truly disappointing appearance at Bar Volo during Pride weekend, where they only served four draught beers (mostly Mill Street, if I can recall correctly) in PLASTIC cups (wtf?!...I doubt Volo will see my patronage again), I decided to switch teams. Today is the Victory's Cask Ale Festival, and I'm going in drag. While you wait impatiently for my review of the offerings from the casks, I invite you to check out my Beer Advocate post on Toison d'or, a marvelous Belgian beer from the Het Anker brewery in Mechelen (the same town Duvel is brewed in!):


The dog days of summer are here, so stop tom-catting around and lap up some brews!

-Zak Aromyces


Johnada said...

Beer Advocate! What are they paying you? I'll quarter it.

What's the deal with Inbev owning Budweiser? Do you realize that Labatt's and Budweiser are now owned by the same company. Surely Beernada must have some comment on that . . .

Zak Aromyces said...

Alas, my application for political asylum at Beer Advocate was denied and I was promptly deported back to Johnada. As soon as I stepped off the zeppelin, I could smell the foul stench of corporate brewing and their decomposing piles of tax loopholes and agricultural subsidies.

Oh yeah, Beernada's got a gut full of rot to spew all over these CEO's Bentleys!!!

Seraphine said...

it should be unlawful to
serve beer in plastic cups.
you never ever see french
wine served that way, but
it isn't the snob thing,
it's the taste!!! taste!!!
beer should only be served
in glass or poured on someone.

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