Saturday, July 12, 2008

STOP KICKING ME - An Update on the Royal Cargo

We've tried very hard not to turn this Canadian blog into a screed about pregnancy and child birth, but indulge me if you will.

We're almost three months away from the due date, and I've got a few observations that I need to get off my chest:

1) Baby books make child birth and child rearing sound very depressing.
-Your baby won't recognize you for a month.
- It will cry all the time.
- You'll never sleep.
- It's normal to be very frustrated with your baby
I know all this stuff already, largely because I've got three older sisters with children. But somebody throw me a bone here. I mean there's got to be something good about having kids, right?
(People are also like this too. My landlord keeps telling me to enjoy every moment each time I see him. He said it's all over for a couple of years.)

2) The baby likes to kick and stomp at night, usually when the First Lady's belly is lodged right in my back. Also, pregnant women snore like you wouldn't believe.

3) Stuff's expensive, especially if you want full time daycare. Like $1500 a month expensive. However, family and friends are very kind when it comes to stuff. Hooray for that.

4) You have to buy some device that blows stuff out of the child's nose. I think this is a racket since I'm pretty sure they don't use these things any where but industrialized nations.

Despite it all, I can't wait.


Zak Aromyces said...
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Zak Aromyces said...

isn't there an adapter for the dyson that will suck out whatever's in the twirp's nose? i can't wait to babysit.

Zhu said...

Yes, yes and yes. My best friend in Ottawa is pregnant (due date is Sept. as well) and although I wouldn't know is she snores, I did notice baby things were expensive and yeah, these child books... not something to read while eating too. A bit too graphic for me :D

Seraphine said...

I'm pretty sure they have devices for blowing 'things' out of noses in third world countries also. They are called hankies, handkerchiefs or snot rags, depending on one's level of verbal sophistication.

Aiglee said...

Of course there are great things!!! When your baby falls sleep in your arms, or the first time that smiles and a lot of things that make everything well worth it!

I already helped with my little sister 18 years ago, and been helping the rest of my family for a while, I can't wait to have my own!

Zak Aromyces said...

with a name like "health," how can you go wrong?

Johnada said...

ZA - It's blow, not suck.

Zhu - We don't have any of the graphic ones, though I'm assuming it's better for me to be prepared.

Seraphine - Excellent point, but that is much to simple for the world of child rearing. How could they charge $15 for it?

Aiglee - Thanks for the reminder. I know there will be a lot of great things.

ZA - Didn't we talk before? 2008

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