Thursday, November 27, 2008


When I found out the first lady was with child, I was determined not to make this blog into a baby blog. I wanted to maintain my quality analysis of the deep-seeded animosity between Canada and the USA. But I've quickly learned that none of that matters to anyone else. They want baby pictures. Now! So without further delay, here is what I am most thankful for on this American Thanksgiving Day -

If you're still not satisfied, please feel free to go here for gobs more, constantly updated photos -


Zak Aromyces said...

this is a sobering revelation, Johnada. I need a drink.

Zhu said...

She is very cute... looks older than a month actually, her big eyes are wide open now!

Eh, even though I still think I'm too young to have a kid now, I like these little buggers... ;-)

Love this pic:

Aiglee said...

SO CUUUUUUTE!!!! Thanks for the pictures and keep posting about her too :p you can post about both things!! 2008

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