Wednesday, November 19, 2008

THERE WAS AN ELECTION? I voted for cheese!

Where have you been Johnada? Truthfully, babies make lives busy.

So my dwindling readership (hello there Bob!) has asked for the Johnadian government's official response to the U.S. election, a topic that hasn't been covered in the media and blogosphere enough. As the head of state of a sovereign nation, I had to wait to see that all results were in before I could give my opinions. Hate to start off on the wrong foot with the new neighbours. Here are some quick thoughts:

1) Still can't believe the final result, very pleasing for a new father to witness.
2) Except in California and all those other states were they decided to be a-holes again. Someone please give me well-thought comment on why people getting married affects your life negatively.
3) Canadians were a lot more interested in the U.S. election than their own. With good reason:

4) Indiana went blue, and I know this result doesn't help my Hoosier father sleep at night.
5) Can we please wait until Obama and whoever he sees fit to put in his cabinet actually do something before we judge them?
6) Guantanamo has got to go.
7) I wonder if my ballot is one of the ones they are fighting over in the MN recount. I voted for Al Franken and cheese.
8) Any Republicans disappointed in the outcome, have you thought about moving to Canada? We've got a conservative Prime Minister, a deteriorating envrionmental policy and each day brings more private health care.

I'm predicting Montreal in the 96th Grey Cup tonight. Stay tuned around here, Senor Beernada has been exploring Toronto beef lately, causing speculation that he may be writing a Beefnada column soon. We'll also be reviewing some more Canadian stuff. Hooray for Canada.


Zhu said...

How is baby Esme? Is she blogging yet? ;) ;)

I though the US election was way more interesting than any election recently but I hope Republicans won't move to Canada... I hope that we will follow the new US politics.

Gary said...

Welcome back. All I can say's about time, dude- I was starting to get the shakes!

Mother Theresa said...

Congrats on your beautiful little lady! Looks like she'll be keeping you busy. :)

The US election was much more interesting than anything going on in Spanish politics too. And maybe the Republicans should move to, say, Mars. ;)

Johnada said...

Zhu - She'll be blogging soon.

Gary - That may have to do with the bottle of hooch you drank the night before you wrote that.

MT - Thanks on the congrats. 2008

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