Sunday, November 02, 2008

HALLOWEEN 08 - Crazy Kids of DeGrassi

Well, as you may imagine, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy in the land of Johnada. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been enjoying my bambino in my spare time.

This past Friday night we had our first Halloween on De Grassi Street. It was much better than last year -- we had a ton of trick or treaters. So many that I had to start giving out my Cubs candy bars that my mom gave me to celebrate the baby and the possibility of a Cubs World Series. (As you can imagine, the baby really made me forget about the Cubs chokery.)

The kids were dressed as spiders, ghosts, witches, Marge Simpson and a lot of other cool costumes. Later in the night, some kids came by holding a basketball. I gave them some good candy, because I appreciate the lack of effort. That was how I rolled in my later years.

We even had some trick or treaters come by at 10:15. That's way too late in Johnada, though I did answer the door. I can't believe any body hands out candy that late. We also had a rogue group of 14 year-old boys that were raising hell on the street earlier. They rolled a wet tire in front of our place. And like the old man that I have become in the last four weeks, I yelled at them that they'd better move it. One of them even did it. Only in Canada.

Generally, everyone is doing well. The lack of sleep has not been that bad, although I must admit that I don't have it bad as the First Lady. I lack certain amenities.

Any Americans out there who read this, I don't think I need to say it, but please vote for Obama. Please! And Dad, I know you're not going to vote for Obama, but hopefully you'll come to realize he's not a communist terrorist. At least until he nationalizes grocery stores and blows them all up on inauguration day.

And to celebrate the election, here's the perfect Clash song:


Gary said...

Congratulations again on the baby- adorable! As for the other thing, the election, it sounds like my Mom and your Dad would get along famously! Personally, I'll be glad to get rid of the terrorist who CURRENTLY resides in the White House...

Aiglee said...

So cute!!! Looks so mad xD

Glad you are enjoying and doing well! :D

Zhu said...

Keep the picture and make sure you show her when she's 15! :D

I hope the elections goes well tomorrow... I hope. I don't mind anything being nationalized as a matter of fact :D

Mother Theresa said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful. Enjoy every minute of her, because they grow up fast...and then you'll have worse things than poo to worry about (like very, very short miniskirts and staying out all night). ;) 2008

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