Friday, November 23, 2007


Due to our BFFs visiting from the South, today is cleaning day at Johnada. However, we will return to our normally scheduled whatever it is we do on Monday. Next week will feature our second Beernada instalment, possibly another chip review (Canada keeps pumping them out), a full report of this weekends activities and the first in our joint television review series.

Last weekend the in-laws were in town, and I've held most of what happened off of the blog because I know where my bread is buttered. However, on the way home they tried Tim Hortons. They had a glazed donut and a chocolate cake donut. Final verdict: "Canada should get some Dunkin Donuts." Ouch!

On a related note, this blog will post any and all Tim Hortons reviews submitted to Reviews are subject to editing for bad language and poor grammar. To clarify, this means I may edit in bad language and poor grammar, in case anyone wants to show me up with their superb use of the English language.

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