Thursday, November 29, 2007

TORONTO ISLAND DISC GOLF (or How I Learned to Stop Losing My Camera and Search the Chrome)

Last weekend, Johnada and Maymard went out the Toronto Islands for a round of disc golf. Though the downtown lake front of Toronto leaves a lot to be desired, the Toronto Islands are a fabulous place to ride a bike, kayak, swim naked in freezing cold water, live and/or play disc. Having only played disc in the woods of Minnesota (well, once in Wisconsin), Johnada was not at all prepared for the lake front beauty that is the Toronto Island course.

After a few holes, we were joined by Sam the Houseboat Man. Turns out he's one of the 600 people lucky enough to live on the Toronto Islands, and he has lived their for most of his 30 years. He was quite good and offered solid advice on how to play each whole. He was also invaluable because the course is laid out very poorly, and it's very difficult to know how to find the next hole. It was definitely a challenging course that required long throws on tight fairways. It also had a couple of trees that were good at eating discs:

The Disc Golf Sasquatch in its native habitat.

The only problem with a marvellous afternoon was the end. We were cutting it very close to catch the ferry back to meet the ladies, and the course was farther from the dock than we remembered. It was an all out sprint to the bathrooms (we had a few beers on the course). After successfully getting relief, we dashed our way on board with only seconds to spare. In what can only be called typical Johnada fashion, I had a moment of panic when I realized I didn't have my camera. I quickly scoured our bag, and it was nowhere to be found. So we had to get off the ferry to retrace our steps. As I was searching the bathroom and the ferry was slowly pulling away, I heard something along the lines of "Johnada, you idiot." Turns out the camera was in the bag the whole time. I wish I could say that's the first time something like that has happened. So we had to spend another hour on the island, but it was a beautiful day: The Toronto Islands course gets 4 Hortons . . . the only thing holding it back is poor navigability. (How about some paper maps?) Sam gets 4.8 for his friendly demeanour. The Wife's Chrome bag gets 1 Horton for all of its secret compartments.

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